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On adoption, vulnerability, and how our children lead us home

It wasn’t because my son wasn’t all I thought he would be. He was cuter than the pictures, he was

In the reeds: Adoption, parenting and being seen

The morning after we arrived in Kampala a few weeks ago, I looked into my own face several times over.

Back to the beginning: Adoption and one-on-one time

The older kids started back to school a couple weeks ago, and just like every year, it’s a new routine

Ordinary Courage

“Ordinary courage is about putting our vulnerability on the line.” -Brene Brown It’s hearing those biting words come out of

She learned that from me

She — the girl closer than my skin, the one I love as deep as an ocean and higher than

Seeing and Being Seen: Learning Marriage After Nearly 14 Years

When he is gone, everything is louder. I go into survival mode and the baby can’t stop running to the