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Fear, Inadequacy and True Strength, or, How I’m Not Cut Out For Adoption

It’s the three hundredth time he’s hit his brother today, or pulled his sister’s hair, and I repeat again that

The Giant Leaf Pile Under the Swing, or, What My Kids Taught Me About God’s Character

During Benjamin’s nap last weekend, I had let my kids have some screen time, which they typically use to watch

How I try to protect God, and how He tells me not to {Lessons from Uganda}

When I met the woman on the plane who said that she runs an NGO in Uganda with a “more

I will trust you

I came back to Uganda to find all of its lessons waiting for me. Last year in the red dust

Practices of Imperfection: My garden

My garden is a mess. I Roundup’d the two most weed-ridden beds this spring, thinking I’ll just kill it, kill

Light for the next step

Photo source A few months ago when it was clear everything had fallen apart for our Rwanda adoption, I started

Where Security Lies

Sometimes, I get too comfortable. Thanks to a couple long-term contracts and regular monthly work, my freelance writing income is

{Honestly} Adoption is Amazing

The theme of this blog and my writing in general is being honest about the struggle of adoption, of mothering,