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The hardest day, or, Your life matters

How can I tell you about this trip? How can I tell you about Africa? I could start with Saturday.

Getting Lost in Africa

Do you know what freedom feels like? It feels like stepping so far outside yourself that you forget. It feels

Meet Jane

Meet Jane. She is 18 years old. (Isn’t she beautiful?) “When I realized I was pregnant, I felt my world

The Rush and the Pause; Or, Leaving for Africa in Nine Days

So many details slip and scatter through the recesses of my head rebounding later, dammit I forgot again, going to

Things you learn when you say “I’m scared, but yes”

It’s like any Spirit-inspired thing that you resist until you can’t anymore. It’s what happens, every time, when you first

That humbling place where people give

The truth is, I didn’t want to ask for help. The truth is, I will happily give to causes I

Writing the stories of Uganda: Trip update and jewelry fundraiser

In just six weeks, I’m going back to Uganda. I’m thrilled to be serving with Mercy for Mamas, an organization

Modeling a Heart After God

First, I have to share the good news: Thanks to you, Mercy for Mamas has raised over $2,000 in our

Give yourself away this Mother’s Day

I’ve had a somewhat sour opinion of Mother’s Day for a while now. It seems like just another “Hallmark Holiday”