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Own Your Story: Wisdom from Karyn Purvis at #Summit9

I’ve been honest when I talk about my struggle to attach to my son two years ago. You let me

The Giant Leaf Pile Under the Swing, or, What My Kids Taught Me About God’s Character

During Benjamin’s nap last weekend, I had let my kids have some screen time, which they typically use to watch

What to do when all is loss

Some bad news comes like a punch to the gut. A midnight phone call and you want so badly to

Hazardous faith: Did Jesus have boundaries?

I missed Ed Cyzewski’s Hazardous Faith synchroblog last week, in part because of this post’s topic. But it’s a theme

Parenting and Adoption: Mission or Relationship?

Sometimes, all a mother can do is react, react, react. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have or how

Practicing love until it’s true: Adoption as faith (guest post at Shawn Smucker’s place)

… I turn my heart upside down trying to find the right emotion, desperate to feel what I thought I

In which yoga is saving my life

I walk into the room and the heat already holds me in an embrace. Somehow the sounds, busyness, life, quick-walking-to-get-to-the-next-thing

Practices of Imperfection: Bending low, giving grace

Yesterday I was mean mommy all. day . long. The summer non-schedule already wearing on all of us, the older


Photo source   Today, I’m 33. (I think. Does anyone else constantly forget how old you are? There are too

When Father’s Day is painful

All the tweets, blog posts and Facebook messages about Father’s Day today set me on edge. Usually I can deflect