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Some thoughts on TEDx and how I got here

If you’re visiting following the TEDx event, welcome! I hope to be sharing more of my poetry and thoughts in

For the adoptive mama at the start

#101908039 /   You are amazing. I’ve done it myself, but every time I see an adoption announcement, another

The miracle I cannot see

She leaned in, touched my arm, opened her mouth and God spoke to me. Right there in the middle of

Where I found God when my heart was breaking

Those things we thought we were holding so lightly, they’re so fragile, aren’t they? And then if it comes to


God gently prods me awake, two days in a row. In the darkness I’m out, when wide awake with a

Missing Jesus

Our story of leaving church is long and it still makes me feel lonely. Lonely because no one talks about

On waiting

  Waiting — ravenous, all-consuming, you devour my day with the promise of nothing and everything with the weight of

Getting Lost in Africa

Do you know what freedom feels like? It feels like stepping so far outside yourself that you forget. It feels

Meet Jane

Meet Jane. She is 18 years old. (Isn’t she beautiful?) “When I realized I was pregnant, I felt my world

When your dreams feel too heavy

It was my baby’s laughter that brought me back to myself, finally broke through the sadness. I smiled for the