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It’s more than being outnumbered: On teaching character and grace

The jig’s up. Being the mother of four kids, I can no longer slip things under their little radars. There’s

In the reeds: Adoption, parenting and being seen

The morning after we arrived in Kampala a few weeks ago, I looked into my own face several times over.

Practices of Imperfection: Bending low, giving grace

Yesterday I was mean mommy all. day . long. The summer non-schedule already wearing on all of us, the older

Practices of Imperfection: My garden

My garden is a mess. I Roundup’d the two most weed-ridden beds this spring, thinking I’ll just kill it, kill

Things they don’t tell you

It was the thought that kept running through my head two nights ago, as I was bleaching the bathtub after