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The miracle I cannot see

She leaned in, touched my arm, opened her mouth and God spoke to me. Right there in the middle of

Fear, Inadequacy and True Strength, or, How I’m Not Cut Out For Adoption

It’s the three hundredth time he’s hit his brother today, or pulled his sister’s hair, and I repeat again that

What to do when all is loss

Some bad news comes like a punch to the gut. A midnight phone call and you want so badly to

On waiting

  Waiting — ravenous, all-consuming, you devour my day with the promise of nothing and everything with the weight of

How I try to protect God, and how He tells me not to {Lessons from Uganda}

When I met the woman on the plane who said that she runs an NGO in Uganda with a “more

I will trust you

I came back to Uganda to find all of its lessons waiting for me. Last year in the red dust

Practicing love until it’s true: Adoption as faith (guest post at Shawn Smucker’s place)

… I turn my heart upside down trying to find the right emotion, desperate to feel what I thought I

Practices of Imperfection: My garden

My garden is a mess. I Roundup’d the two most weed-ridden beds this spring, thinking I’ll just kill it, kill

Light for the next step

Photo source A few months ago when it was clear everything had fallen apart for our Rwanda adoption, I started