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Mended: What Adoption Has Taught Me About Weakness

“I don’t want to need his approval,” I said to my counselor years ago, disgusted. I was still grappling with

Parenting and Adoption: Mission or Relationship?

Sometimes, all a mother can do is react, react, react. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have or how

Let me introduce you to MY BOOK!

Hello, I’m nervous. How are you? This book has been on my heart for a year. I’ve been working on

Light for the next step

Photo source A few months ago when it was clear everything had fallen apart for our Rwanda adoption, I started

Modeling a Heart After God

First, I have to share the good news: Thanks to you, Mercy for Mamas has raised over $2,000 in our

The Wishing and the Roots of Depression

We had a change of routine this week, just a slightly different schedule (mainly, no childcare) and I’m pretty sure

Adoption is Everywhere: 2 Themes From Mount Hermon

I’ve only been home three days, but already Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference feels like a dream. All the workshops,