kim van brunt

Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story isn’t so unique. But that doesn’t mean it’s not special.

My husband and I both have internationally adopted siblings. We have talked about adoption since before we were married. 12 years later, the biggest decision was not whether we’d adopt, but whether we wanted more than the two biological children we had.

We started the process of adopting from Africa in October 2009. We’re still in The Long Wait for that first adoption — which turned out to be much longer than expected. (But that’s the funny thing about expectations in adoption.)  About a year into our first process, we decided to start another, concurrent adoption from Uganda. We started that process in early November 2010 and were home with Benjamin in March 2011.

Normal life

Family groove, day 1

These last couple years have changed my whole life.

Adoption is not at all like I expected. It’s more. It’s harder. What we’ve gone through has changed my perspective on almost everything.  It’s made me more aware. I feel more responsibility. I am bolder. I care more about Africa and less about increasing my comfort or what people think of me. Follow our adoption story on my blog as I navigate what it all means.

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