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I know exactly where my hall floor squeaks. Our house isn’t new. It has the wear of age, the look

Five Minute Friday: Roar

START Here’s why the five minutes of free writing, no editing, no going back is so hard for me: My


I’ve decided to come up with a one-word resolution for 2012. I’m not sure anyone has thought of it before,

Wishing for what’s lost

Yesterday, more family arrived and we started the last of the season’s celebrations. This one always leaves me longing because


Waiting on my Muse makes me restless I have only these few moments, A brief window Between coffee waking my

I may have spoken slightly too soon.

Two days ago, I was all serene and OK with the slowing of the season. Now, it is only two

The slowing of the season

Monday was supposed to be the start of a new cycle of interviews and writing for one of my long-term


Hi friends! Thanks for joining me on my new online space! For a long time I had my business website


>Stumblingall over myself this weekaccusingbeing admonishedpushed downand my vision starts to warp and fade.The cold wall of resistancerises up insurmountableand

Unwrapping the gift of interruption (early morning)

> “The truth is of course that what one calls the interruptions are precisely one’s real life – the life