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The value in the attempt (even if)

One of my college professors told me over and over again to submit my poetry, my creative writing, my work

On intention and reality

View image |   I wake up two minutes before my alarm, my body already (still, always) thinking of

On inspiration overload: My time at Festival of Faith and Writing 2014

The first day pulls you in.   The opening plenary, amazing. You see friends from Twitter and have the strange

Tell it true

I’ve been quiet here, spending time inside my too-loud head for months now. Stuck is a word that comes to

Heart of darkness

It’s been so dark lately. For me, the darkness was growing before the black as night, shatter-my-heart-for-days news on Friday.

Guest Post at Chasing Silhouettes

Hi friends, My dear friend Emily Wierenga has a book coming out in September called Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help

Writing as declaring freedom, recognizing the infinite

At least part of the beauty of unpaid work is that we choose to do it. In the midst of


Photo source   Today, I’m 33. (I think. Does anyone else constantly forget how old you are? There are too

To June, in her splendor and glory

photo by siegertmarc on flickr   Oh month of June, you cheeky thing. You sneak up on me nearly every

Represented (an announcement)

I have some good news. I’m a represented writer. As in, I have a literary agent. YOU GUYS. I can’t