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Grieving in community

My last post was written in the midst of coming to terms with the end of our adoption. It was

Now is now

It’s all been too much lately. Deadlines, a slumber party tomorrow for our sweet oldest (8!!) a trip coming, school

The tyranny of my heart (on surrendering hopes and dreams)

You might know by now that if I’m quiet for a few days, it’s because I’m getting up the nerve

Guest post at Christian Alliance for Orphans

I’m so honored to be featured today in Christian Alliance for Orphans‘ “Heart for Orphans” blog series. This organization has

{Honestly} guest post: The Truth About Domestic Adoption

Never Say Never: The Truth About Domestic Adoption By Anne Winfrey   Cold Storage Somewhere, deep in my memory, I

When motherhood feels like misery

It’s been hard lately. After the rush of the morning, the reminders that spiral into yelling-after-the-fifth-time-I-told-you-to-find-your-boots, the frenzied drive to

{Honestly} guest post: The wait

Guest post by Allie Brannon on one of the hardest phases of adoption: The long wait. Heavy. I was unprepared

Changing in the same direction

I’ve been getting out of bed at 5:30 a.m. I wake up, take the coffee grinder behind a closed door

Five minute Friday: Color

START I go outside, camera in hand, mind fresh from an online tutorial about how to shoot when the little


>Numbers. The blog post title is just a couple that I’ve been tracking for a while. I wonder when I’ll