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Faith in the Dark

I don’t talk about my “faith journey” much. I don’t write about it. Sometimes I try not to think about

I could never

  It was late at night, and I was sitting in a brand-new friend’s kitchen in her one-bedroom apartment just

One Small Change – Guest post for Addie Zierman

  When I was first starting out blogging for real, I found Addie Zierman. She was obviously an amazing writer.

Meet Jane

Meet Jane. She is 18 years old. (Isn’t she beautiful?) “When I realized I was pregnant, I felt my world


Photo source   Today, I’m 33. (I think. Does anyone else constantly forget how old you are? There are too


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world

How Sunshine and Movement Bring Me Back to Myself

Photo by NJ.. I’m not sure when it started yesterday morning. Maybe it was because it was the eleventy-fifth day

Preventing Adoption: Post at Provoketive

Today I’m guest posting at Provoketive, an online magazine dedicated to asking thought-provoking questions in a respectful environment. The topic

It can all feel like a game and maybe I don’t wanna play

My writers’ conference messed me up. (I mean, it was amazing. Good feedback, great insights into the industry, and permission

Leaving Church, Finding Faith: Guest Post on Rachel Held Evans’ blog

You guys. I am so stoked to be guest posting today over at Rachel Held Evans’ awesome blog. In fact,