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{Honestly} guest post: The red dirt of Uganda and longing for home

A guest post by Chasity Cole Rose-colored Glasses Life is not always easy; in fact life is rarely easy. When

Being home again

>It’s Audrey’s 7th birthday today, the end of March, and there’s snow swirling outside my window. Apparently tropical baby skin


>I know, our story isn’t over yet. This epilogue is for my adventures yesterday. After all of that… the Electorial

The reality of poverty

>After our very stressful court hearing on Friday, our lawyer got a phone call. We’d been trying to figure out

Court day

>I thought it was over. Knowing our judge was very detailed and particular, I was ready for him to find

A walk through the slums of Kampala

>This morning, our driver picked us up to go to the place where Benjamin spent his first 7 months. First,

Everything is new again

>I’ve been reluctant to post anything for the last 3 months because our journey has changed, and I wasn’t sure