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Some thoughts on TEDx and how I got here

If you’re visiting following the TEDx event, welcome! I hope to be sharing more of my poetry and thoughts in


I’m a block back when I see the older couple turn down my route home. It’s dusk. I’ve taken the

Raspberries in late June

I wonder how the raspberries are doing back home. Barely tamed animals, reedy stems poke and spread and duck under

On waiting

  Waiting — ravenous, all-consuming, you devour my day with the promise of nothing and everything with the weight of

Love letter to my body

These days I walk past the mirror and my eyes like magnets are drawn to stomach first, then ass, thighs,

The Sun Found Its Way

photo by Ian Sane   How many mornings have I been here In this spot, writing out my heart and


Waiting on my Muse makes me restless I have only these few moments, A brief window Between coffee waking my