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It’s more than being outnumbered: On teaching character and grace

The jig’s up. Being the mother of four kids, I can no longer slip things under their little radars. There’s

Open Book

I have a lot to learn. And you teach me every day. You, so close to your babyhood that I

The Giant Leaf Pile Under the Swing, or, What My Kids Taught Me About God’s Character

During Benjamin’s nap last weekend, I had let my kids have some screen time, which they typically use to watch

The hanging on and letting go of parenting

“Mommy, I just want to snuggle with you,” he says, those suddenly saucer-big eyes looking up at me in the

How to parent well when no one’s watching

My teeth on the impossibly slippery yogurt tube, I’m tearing it open with the baby on my lap and trying

Parenting and Adoption: Mission or Relationship?

Sometimes, all a mother can do is react, react, react. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have or how

She is young, she is old

I’ve probably been writing about this since she was 4, thinking that back then she was such a little lady,

Celebrating your trip around the sun (To my son on his 6th birthday)

Dear Owen, It’s your golden birthday today. The boy who was born on 06/06/06 is turning 6 today. Cool, right?

Missing My Dad (Memorial Day edition)

It’s been more than 11 long years since my dad’s been gone. It’s still amazing that so much life can

She learned that from me

She — the girl closer than my skin, the one I love as deep as an ocean and higher than