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To my 8-year-old on her birthday

Dear Audrey, You’re the one who started all of this for me, this mothering, this new identity that sometimes seems

To my brightly burning gift, at five and a half

Dear Owen, I can only imagine the twinkle God had in his eye when he thought up you. He was

Unwrapping the gift of interruption (early morning)

> “The truth is of course that what one calls the interruptions are precisely one’s real life – the life

Creating imperfect memories

>I’ve never been crafty. I’ve dabbled here and there, and there was that stint where I thought I was into

Love over stuff

> My niece playing with my daughter’s Christmas shoes, 2010 Last year, my brothers and I decided to exchange names

To breathe for her

> My oldest, my beautiful slender little woman, who I still remember as a 97th percentile-all-the-way-around baby, the one who

Being home again

>It’s Audrey’s 7th birthday today, the end of March, and there’s snow swirling outside my window. Apparently tropical baby skin

Coming home

>Monday, the Embassy was closed. It had been confirmed. Yet, I never got a call canceling my appointment. As the

Falling in love

>Nathan is on the other side of the computer now for skype conversations, and Audrey and Owen’s faces have changed.

>One more: Audrey the songwriter

> Whoa, three blog posts in one day. Let me assure you, this is NOT the new norm. Just wanted