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Because it’s summer (Why I’m wearing out my swimsuit this season)

Swimming’s not my favorite. Swimsuits — I’d just rather not. Water parks? Don’t get me started. But it’s summer, and

Love thyself: Speaking truth to darkness

You’ve been here before. The familiar weight, the heavy thing that’s bearing down. You don’t want to name it, give

The Ebb and Flow: Depression and Community

When I post the deepest parts of my heart, about depression, about desperation, my heart pounds as I hit “Publish.”

Pressed, but not crushed

It’s only Wednesday, and it’s already been a long week. My alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. on Monday, and

For the days it comes crashing down

Linking this post today with Momalog as one of my favorite posts. It was written in a moment of vulnerability,

The Sisterhood of Mothering: Finding Joy

When I wrote my last post, I knew it was risky. I knew that asking for advice and opinions on

To my brightly burning gift, at five and a half

Dear Owen, I can only imagine the twinkle God had in his eye when he thought up you. He was


I know exactly where my hall floor squeaks. Our house isn’t new. It has the wear of age, the look

Heart work

Baby boy didn’t feel well today. His normal yammering on, smiling and jumping on his crib mattress to greet me

The slowing of the season

Monday was supposed to be the start of a new cycle of interviews and writing for one of my long-term