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Darkness shot through with light

It’s Christmas morning. The gifts are open, the drum set assembled, the new riding toys getting broken in, the volume

Tips for mid-October camping in Minnesota

1. Don’t be afraid of the snow in the forecast. Do pack winter coats, hats and mittens though — it’s

Home, 1 year later

Nearly one year ago on March 17, it was finally the day. Baby brother was coming home, and he was

Creating imperfect memories

>I’ve never been crafty. I’ve dabbled here and there, and there was that stint where I thought I was into

Love over stuff

> My niece playing with my daughter’s Christmas shoes, 2010 Last year, my brothers and I decided to exchange names

To breathe for her

> My oldest, my beautiful slender little woman, who I still remember as a 97th percentile-all-the-way-around baby, the one who

Life and breathing

>Sorry it’s been a while. Life is life over here. I’m convinced that there are no petty, annoying colds in

Being home again

>It’s Audrey’s 7th birthday today, the end of March, and there’s snow swirling outside my window. Apparently tropical baby skin

Coming home

>Monday, the Embassy was closed. It had been confirmed. Yet, I never got a call canceling my appointment. As the