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The Wishing and the Roots of Depression

We had a change of routine this week, just a slightly different schedule (mainly, no childcare) and I’m pretty sure

Pressed, but not crushed

It’s only Wednesday, and it’s already been a long week. My alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. on Monday, and

For the days it comes crashing down

Linking this post today with Momalog as one of my favorite posts. It was written in a moment of vulnerability,

Family Day

I had to look back on the calendar to remember, since it felt like it took days for that flight

Weaving the darkness in

I talk a lot here about how we don’t need to fear our brokenness. How the need for honesty is

I may have spoken slightly too soon.

Two days ago, I was all serene and OK with the slowing of the season. Now, it is only two

The beginning of things: My thoughts on Orphan Sunday

>Today is Orphan Sunday, as deemed by the Christian Alliance for Orphans. It’s a day that some churches, or advocates


>Photo has nothing to do with this post, other than it’s character-revealing for each of my kids. Aren’t they cute?

Change and pain

I’m linking up this post with The Gypsy Mama today, 12/26/11. This post is my favorite of the year because

Prayer requests

>Not much time to write tonight… but if you’re the praying kind, will you please remember us today? First, we