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Faith in the Dark

I don’t talk about my “faith journey” much. I don’t write about it. Sometimes I try not to think about

I could never

  It was late at night, and I was sitting in a brand-new friend’s kitchen in her one-bedroom apartment just


God gently prods me awake, two days in a row. In the darkness I’m out, when wide awake with a

Missing Jesus

Our story of leaving church is long and it still makes me feel lonely. Lonely because no one talks about

The Giant Leaf Pile Under the Swing, or, What My Kids Taught Me About God’s Character

During Benjamin’s nap last weekend, I had let my kids have some screen time, which they typically use to watch

Hazardous faith: Did Jesus have boundaries?

I missed Ed Cyzewski’s Hazardous Faith synchroblog last week, in part because of this post’s topic. But it’s a theme

Guest Post: Conversations with Ourselves

I was sitting on the floor, looking up at him. I remember that detail. “I’m not sure you should be

When your dreams feel too heavy

It was my baby’s laughter that brought me back to myself, finally broke through the sadness. I smiled for the

Week of Mutuality: A conversation with God, based on (mutual) respect

Heart pounding, I took a deep breath and tried to exhale out my anxiety. He’s just another college professor, I

Where Security Lies

Sometimes, I get too comfortable. Thanks to a couple long-term contracts and regular monthly work, my freelance writing income is