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Home, 1 year later

Nearly one year ago on March 17, it was finally the day. Baby brother was coming home, and he was

Family Day

I had to look back on the calendar to remember, since it felt like it took days for that flight

Heart work

Baby boy didn’t feel well today. His normal yammering on, smiling and jumping on his crib mattress to greet me

He speaks in music

From day one with Benjamin, there has been one key that undoes him, every single time. When all the shushing

Grateful: He’s mine

> I know that face. It’s been nine months since we first met Benjamin on a warm, sticky February night,

Life and breathing

>Sorry it’s been a while. Life is life over here. I’m convinced that there are no petty, annoying colds in

He may possibly be teething.

>Scroll down to read my update from today, but first look at these pictures! The drool factory is quite impressive


>Today, we were appointed legal guardians of Benjamin. This means, yes… he is ours. We knew he was ours, of

Falling in love

>Nathan is on the other side of the computer now for skype conversations, and Audrey and Owen’s faces have changed.


>While we wait for our ruling and guardianship order from the judge, we have other items to check off our