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Relief from ease: The other side

>  Thank you, Interwebz, for having an endless supply of ridiculous images to illustrate my point. My post last week

What’s wrong with this picture?

>Today I got a postcard in the mail, thanking me for a small donation I made a few months ago

Coming home

>Monday, the Embassy was closed. It had been confirmed. Yet, I never got a call canceling my appointment. As the


>I know, our story isn’t over yet. This epilogue is for my adventures yesterday. After all of that… the Electorial

He may possibly be teething.

>Scroll down to read my update from today, but first look at these pictures! The drool factory is quite impressive

3 things and prayer requests

>I have an announcement: I got three important things accomplished in Africa today. Yes, you heard me. THREE things in

The lighter side of African living

>After my last post, several moms — by adoption and by birth — told me that they’ve had the same

The reality of poverty

>After our very stressful court hearing on Friday, our lawyer got a phone call. We’d been trying to figure out

Change and pain

I’m linking up this post with The Gypsy Mama today, 12/26/11. This post is my favorite of the year because