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Meet Jane

Meet Jane. She is 18 years old. (Isn’t she beautiful?) “When I realized I was pregnant, I felt my world

When a Mother Leaves {Guest post at Gillian Marchenko}

Today, I am over the Atlantic. I’ll be here for hours, flying through the silent deafening darkness, and when tomorrow

I am an ocean

Today I saw this on Facebook and I started to cry.   Four days before I leave, four days until

The Rush and the Pause; Or, Leaving for Africa in Nine Days

So many details slip and scatter through the recesses of my head rebounding later, dammit I forgot again, going to

Things you learn when you say “I’m scared, but yes”

It’s like any Spirit-inspired thing that you resist until you can’t anymore. It’s what happens, every time, when you first

Writing the stories of Uganda: Trip update and jewelry fundraiser

In just six weeks, I’m going back to Uganda. I’m thrilled to be serving with Mercy for Mamas, an organization

Modeling a Heart After God

First, I have to share the good news: Thanks to you, Mercy for Mamas has raised over $2,000 in our

Give yourself away this Mother’s Day

I’ve had a somewhat sour opinion of Mother’s Day for a while now. It seems like just another “Hallmark Holiday”

Facing a closed door

This is the post I wrote a week ago and couldn’t publish until I knew that I knew it was

{Honestly} guest post: The red dirt of Uganda and longing for home

A guest post by Chasity Cole Rose-colored Glasses Life is not always easy; in fact life is rarely easy. When