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From Here Only: Easter Mourning

>I’m copying a post from one of my faves on the blogosphere, one I ran across in my search for


>It’s a feeling that creeps up on me. I’m antsy, bothered, stressed, biting my fingernails… then I have to stop

Homestudy visit #1 down, last one in less than a week!

>Just a quick note.. we had our first home study visit last night, which was quite different than I imagined.

>Eyes bright as stars or tranquil as dreams

> From The Paris Project: Margaret Mead’s vision of a pro-child culture: “Perhaps we shall also be able to develop

>Preparing to be broken

>Last night, I planned to write a post about why we chose Rwanda, how we’re feeling called there and how


>Found out last week that Nathan’s employer will likely reimburse our expenses even when we aren’t working with an agency

>Faith is always risky

>It’s Rwanda. Our baby girl might be in the womb of her first mama, in Rwanda, as we speak. Through

>You must read this.

>I just found this blog today, in my never-ending search for all adoption stories I can find. The post linked

>Orientation call next week…

>Saturdays are nice. We had friends over for brunch and now the kids are “resting” with Daddy while I have


>We’re adopting! Since before we were married, we’ve felt like adoption was in our future. After being blessed with two