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Things they don’t tell you

It was the thought that kept running through my head two nights ago, as I was bleaching the bathtub after

{Honestly} Adoption is Amazing

The theme of this blog and my writing in general is being honest about the struggle of adoption, of mothering,

{Honestly} Adoption is magical, because family is

When I laid Benjamin down in his crib last night and was adjusting his blanket over him, he stared up

Christian Alliance for Orphans – Summit 8

Christian Alliance for Orphans‘ annual conference, this year called Summit 8, is coming up in just a few weeks. And

After a Failed Adoption: Why We’re Taking a Step Back

It’s been a few weeks since we said goodbye to Rwanda. But even a week later, 10 days later, when

Facing a closed door

This is the post I wrote a week ago and couldn’t publish until I knew that I knew it was

Home, 1 year later

Nearly one year ago on March 17, it was finally the day. Baby brother was coming home, and he was

{Honestly} guest post: The pain of failed adoption

by Erin Carson Adoption, to me, was supposed to be a magical thing. Ever since I was a little girl

{Honestly} Adoption: It doesn’t get easier the second time

You know the timelines. Those “won’t go past” dates, the minimums and maximums, the farthest out, the optimistic estimates, the

Family Day

I had to look back on the calendar to remember, since it felt like it took days for that flight