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Why I’m going to Summit this year — and you should, too

Next time we go to Uganda (which could happen sooner than I thought it might, stay tuned), it will be

The miracle I cannot see

She leaned in, touched my arm, opened her mouth and God spoke to me. Right there in the middle of

Where I found God when my heart was breaking

Those things we thought we were holding so lightly, they’re so fragile, aren’t they? And then if it comes to

Fear, Inadequacy and True Strength, or, How I’m Not Cut Out For Adoption

It’s the three hundredth time he’s hit his brother today, or pulled his sister’s hair, and I repeat again that

In the reeds: Adoption, parenting and being seen

The morning after we arrived in Kampala a few weeks ago, I looked into my own face several times over.

A time to speak, a time to be silent

It’s not that we’ve never heard these things before. It’s not like we don’t know that when it comes to

Practicing love until it’s true: Adoption as faith (guest post at Shawn Smucker’s place)

… I turn my heart upside down trying to find the right emotion, desperate to feel what I thought I

{Honestly} Ignorance is Easier

  I’ve realized why even getting started on our second adoption has been so hard: We know too much. *

In adoption, our needs or the world’s (or both)?

The first time, honestly, was all about us. When answering the questions about age and special needs for our first

To Benjamin on his second birthday

Oh, Benja. I still call you “the baby,” and you’ve learned to mimic me — calling yourself ‘baby’ in photos