Business Writing Services

Interested in any of the services listed below? Contact me for a quote or more information on how we can work together.

Good communication is good business. But how do you get your message across effectively so your target audience understands exactly what you want them to hear? Hiring a professional writer takes that off your list, allowing you to focus on running your business.

At our first meeting, I’ll gather the important details of your business, the project, the audience and the style needed. I’ll ask a lot of questions to get into the heart of the project. My goal is to have workable content on the first draft, getting it right the first time so we don’t have to go through multiple revisions.


Writing credits include:

• Patient stories
• Newsletter content
• Feature articles
• Brochure copy
• Weekly newspaper column
• Web-based medical marketing
• Small community newsletters
• Fundraising letters
• Medical condition articles
• Conference coverage and topic articles
• Health information for a patient audience

For writing samples, see my portfolio.



Have an existing piece that needs tweaking? Need a major overhaul of a current publication? A professional editor can take the words you’ve got and marry them with what you’d really like to say.

My editing services are offered on an hourly basis, and include as little or as much as you need. I offer four tiers of editing services:

• Proofreading: A final review of your completed piece to correct minor grammar, spelling and style errors
• Copyediting: A close reading of your completed piece with suggestions for grammar, spelling, style, as well as syntax, usage, consistency and fact-checking
• Substantive editing: An in-depth look of your written piece, including a review of the overall content and structure as well as sentence-level editing. Helpful to help guide the direction and intent of your project
• Instructional editing: An in-depth edit that includes one-on-one coaching and mentoring


Layout and logo design

Even if you have the perfect copy for that brochure, your target audience won’t read it if it doesn’t catch their eye. I design your final printed piece to ensure your communication plan comes full-circle: Both the layout design and the words make the reader want to keep going.

Layout design services include guiding the original concept from copy to design, and then I’ll partner with the professional printer of your choice for publication delivery.

My layout design credits include:
• Logos and letterhead
• Business brochures
• Marketing brochures
• Departmental and organization newsletters
• Departmental brochures and fact sheets
• Annual reports

For examples, see my portfolio.

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