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kimI’m a writer, a mother, a wife, and a world-changer.

My husband and I adopted from Uganda in early 2011. Benjamin is our third child and our first adoption. We are also waiting on a second adoption from Africa, which has been more than two years in the making. Adoption has changed me in more ways than I can measure.

I’m passionate about orphans. This means I’m interested in family preservation, adoption and parenting. Even more than I love adoption, I love efforts to prevent children from becoming orphans in the first place. My heart breaks especially for women who die in childbirth. That still happens. One every minute. What in the world?

Every child needs a family. But I also know that adoption is crazy hard. The process is difficult, attachment can be painful, and family adjustment requires sacrifice from everyone. Families who adopt are tempted to downplay the hard stuff. We think if we can show just the beauty and hide the broken, more people will decide to adopt and more orphans will have families. But once you go through it, you see the brokenness firsthand. It’s in the process, it’s in your child, and it’s in you. If we’re not honest and future families are unprepared for the challenges, it can set everyone up for heartache — or worse.

But here’s what’s also true: When you weave the broken with the beautiful, you find out that broken is beautiful. When we’re willing to have our worst faults exposed through adoption, God is faithful to heal us in the deepest places. I’ve found the sweetest wholeness through one of the most broken times of my life. And I want to tell the truth about it. Being honest about orphan care, adoption and the parenting that follows is a better witness to the miracles anyway.

I’ve been a professional writer for 10 years, and I’ve been a freelance writer and layout designer for nearly eight. I’m a weekly newspaper columnist focusing on food and restaurants, a gig I landed because I love to eat. My writing and layout design credits include business publications, web content, marketing materials and newsletter articles. Each project is unique, and my writing style adapts to your needs.

I live with my family in Rochester, Minnesota. Contact me about how we can work together if you’re located in a different city.


Contact Me

Email: kim@kimvanbrunt {dot} com

Phone: 507 358 4657

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4 comments on “Meet Kim

  1. Kim, I just found your blog via Rachel Held Evans and I’m really enjoying it. My husband and I are interested in adoption (we’ve only been married for two months so it’s still off in the future), so I’m looking forward to reading some of your honest, open posts on it!

    • Kelsey! Thank you for your kind note. Here I am replying two months later. I so appreciate hearing from you, and I’m going to try to find my blogging mojo again! 😉

      • It’s hard to keep blogging consistently, and you’ve been blogging for several years! (I’m still pretty new to the whole thing, myself — less than a year) I hope you find your mojo because I enjoy your blog. 🙂

  2. Rich says:

    Just found your blog and your story. We adopted two brothers (8 and 6) from Korea in 1978. While there have been many joys, there have been many agonizing years. From the moment we met them at LAX, we had no support from anyone. We were on our own. And that was difficult, no knowledge of what to expect, language issues, etc. Our older son never did accept us, and was missing for 17 years. He came to faith in Jesus just a year ago and reached out to us 6 months ago. I hope to read more on your blog, and possibly your book. Thank you.