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Speaking up

“Oh hi! Are you the speaker?” She was a young mom, cute short hair, button-down shirt, brightly colored denim. I

The miracle I cannot see

She leaned in, touched my arm, opened her mouth and God spoke to me. Right there in the middle of

I’m not every woman

How can a day be this full without me splitting from the weight of it? How does this one woman

Where I found God when my heart was breaking

Those things we thought we were holding so lightly, they’re so fragile, aren’t they? And then if it comes to


God gently prods me awake, two days in a row. In the darkness I’m out, when wide awake with a

Open Book

I have a lot to learn. And you teach me every day. You, so close to your babyhood that I

Tell it true

I’ve been quiet here, spending time inside my too-loud head for months now. Stuck is a word that comes to

One Word for 2013

Oh, hello there. It’s been awhile. I’ve been doing some deep thinking about my space here, and also some serious