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Finding (Be)longing

I wrote this post in Uganda. We’re home now, but I think I’ll always be finding my way in this

Our warrior girl

It’s been quiet around here. Many of you know already why. Between the days spent in preparation, travel, bonding and

When God doesn’t come quickly

You’re in Africa. You’ve been here more than four weeks. Four weeks, in a country that you love, in a

When Africa breaks your heart

When I say I’m ready to come home, I am saying that I miss my boys, yes. I’m saying I

Raspberries in late June

I wonder how the raspberries are doing back home. Barely tamed animals, reedy stems poke and spread and duck under

What can I give?

There’s an uncomfortable reality that I’ve had to get used to, coming to Uganda. By way of explanation: Here, I’m

On waiting well

“He’s REALLY late,” she says to me, and I can hear my voice in hers. “Can you call him again?”

I (don’t) know better — Reflections on #Summit9

“I know better” is where I started, two years ago. Someone sold me a bill of goods (except I was

Own Your Story: Wisdom from Karyn Purvis at #Summit9

I’ve been honest when I talk about my struggle to attach to my son two years ago. You let me

Why I’m going to Summit this year — and you should, too

Next time we go to Uganda (which could happen sooner than I thought it might, stay tuned), it will be