Tips for mid-October camping in Minnesota


1. Don’t be afraid of the snow in the forecast. Do pack winter coats, hats and mittens though — it’s about being comfortable outdoors, not thinking you’re a tough Minnesotan and can handle 45 degrees in a fall coat. Along those same lines, there’s no shame in bringing extra blankets.

2. Sing around the campfire while you eat s’mores before bed. When your kids don’t know “kumbaya” or other classic campfire songs, indulge them and sing “The Fox” by Ylvis in its entirety.

3. Just don’t worry about the dirt and mud and sand you’re all tracking into the camper, into the sleeping bags, onto the table. You simply do not have time to think of it for one moment, or it will take all of your moments.

4. Remember that the cold weather is fantastic for snuggling to share warmth.

2013-10-19 09.35.58 2013-10-19 09.39.55

5. When your neighboring campsite dwellers seem over-friendly and get in your (introverted) space, leave room for possibility of grace and kindness and them sharing their impressive collection of high-end remote-control cars with your kids.

6. If you’re a guy who isn’t necessarily into wearing lip gloss, verify that your daughter’s “Lipsmackers” really doesn’t have any color before you accept it as a chapstick substitute.

2013-10-19 10.13.16

7. Know that sitting close to the fire late on a cold, clear night with your spouse of 15 years will sometimes look like dreaming about five years from now, and sometimes it’ll just be silence and staring into the embers. Both of these are very good.

8. If you get a chance, take that horseback ride along the trail. If not today, when?

2013-10-18 13.18.26

9. Bring a change of clothes or two, but know you’ll probably be wearing the same outfit every day because why not? You can try alternating your sweatshirts, but on the last day you’ll probably be wearing both of them.

10. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. In fact, it probably won’t be fun all the time, the kids will still whine, the noses will be running all. dang. weekend long, and your anxious one might throw a huge fit about a pancake flipper. But for real: Your kids will remember this weekend. And so will you.


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4 comments on “Tips for mid-October camping in Minnesota

  1. “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Yes.

    Also, you are a rock star for going camping in October.

    Also, I LOVE THE REDESIGN!! So awesome. That photo of you in the header is one of my all-time favorites!

    • Thanks mama! I recommend everyone try going camping in October, actually. No bugs, you can build a fire anytime without thinking “it’s too hot for that” and better sleep when we’re all breathing that cool air!

  2. StaceyMontgomery says:

    This was so great. That last photo of J? Oh my. I want to eat her.
    And I love the redesign. Fantastic.

    • Thanks Stacey! You’ll see the new design has your work all over it. 😉 I still need to edit some pages and give you credit.