One Small Change – Guest post for Addie Zierman


When I was first starting out blogging for real, I found Addie Zierman. She was obviously an amazing writer. She had graduated from Northwestern College just down the road from Bethel, where I was at about the same time. She talked about being on fire for God when she was younger, just like I was, and how somehow that flame had left her scarred and jaded, just like it did me.

I knew we had to be best friends immediately.

And then the most amazing thing happened. She actually became one of my best friends. We live just two hours apart but we’re constantly complaining that we aren’t closer. We meet every couple of months for wine and dinner and at a recent get-together, I started crying even before we were seated. It’s THAT kind of friendship, and I’m so thankful for her.

And crazy proud of her like a bragging mama, because my girl has written the most AMAZING memoir, one of my favorites ever and I’m not exaggerating, it released a couple weeks ago and she got a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly and all kinds of praise and I know more is coming.

All this to say how excited and honored I am to be posting over at her blog today for her “One Small Change” series. Each post features a different voice, showing all of us that small can change the world.


I’m writing about expanding our expectations for holidays so they’re more about others than about us. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m not saying you can’t put an iPad or those Frye boots on your Christmas list. I really don’t want to get pious or self-righteous or (God forbid) legalistic about doing good on special days.

I’m just saying: If at the end of every birthday or holiday you feel a little empty and don’t know why, try giving when you’re supposed to get — and then tell me if the cloud doesn’t dissipate a little.

For me, it’s about feeling the connection I was created for, about God asking me to care for his creation and his children. It’s about seeing beyond myself and looking for beauty in ashes. It’s about redemption, life, hope, love, love, love.


Head over to Addie’s blog to read the rest. And then also read everything she’s written. And then for SURE get her book. 

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4 comments on “One Small Change – Guest post for Addie Zierman

  1. Shelli Littleton says:

    Kim, I am loving reading about your story. We have adopted, too … only I struggled with infertility. I just published my first book, A Gift Worth Keeping: It Goes with my Décor! It is on surviving hardships. I’ll be praying over your book. I know God will bless your sweet efforts. Love, Shelli

    • I love that Shelli! Congrats on your book. I will check it out! Thanks for stopping by and I hope we can cheer each other on in the future, too.

  2. Love you friend. Thanks for these words

  3. Now I’ll have to check out Addie’s book. I keep seeing things about it online but was sort of unsure (not because of the subject matter but because my to-read list is already pretty long). I guess I’ll have to make some time for it. 🙂