Prayer for a Monday morning

As I start a new week, let me begin with love.


Lord, hear my prayer.


When my children start waking up and stumbling out to my little circle of lamp-light, this quiet writing place, let them see delight on my face.

When they protest and whine and fight the routine, remind me of my own impatience. Let them see grace and compassion on my face.

When they crawl up for snuggles and reassurance, let them feel me soft and welcoming.

When they hurt me, glare or stomp away, let them know deep that my love never changes. Help my love to never change.

Lord, hear my prayer.

All day long, may I move in the awareness of creation. Me as created thing, those around me as loved fiercely, the world around as an expression of your love every moment.

In those moments of touch and connection with my family, help me to be only there, present in mind and body. Help me not to speed ahead, leaving (or never really entering) the moment right now.

When I feel tired, help me find rest. Let me see what kind of rest I need.

When I see need, inspire me to help. Let me see value and worth, love and light, everywhere and always.

Lord, hear my prayer.

When I am overwhelmed by my failures, when what I expect is out of my reach, teach me grace.

When all I can hear is a litany of faults, when all I can see are the ways that I’ve fallen short, teach me mercy.

When I despise myself, remind me that without love inward, I have no love to give. Teach me love.

When it seems like things will never change, when I fall down and can’t see how this will end well, teach me hope.

Lord, hear my prayer.

Love. Light. Grace. Peace. Hope. Mercy. Kindness. Grace.

Help me find them.

Let them lead me.

Always back to you, you, you.

Lord, hear my prayer.


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One comment on “Prayer for a Monday morning

  1. Kim, thanks for sharing this today. So grateful for your words, joining my heart with them.