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I am an ocean

Today I saw this on Facebook and I started to cry.   Four days before I leave, four days until

The Rush and the Pause; Or, Leaving for Africa in Nine Days

So many details slip and scatter through the recesses of my head rebounding later, dammit I forgot again, going to

Mended: What Adoption Has Taught Me About Weakness

“I don’t want to need his approval,” I said to my counselor years ago, disgusted. I was still grappling with

The hanging on and letting go of parenting

“Mommy, I just want to snuggle with you,” he says, those suddenly saucer-big eyes looking up at me in the

Hazardous faith: Did Jesus have boundaries?

I missed Ed Cyzewski’s Hazardous Faith synchroblog last week, in part because of this post’s topic. But it’s a theme

Guest Post: Conversations with Ourselves

I was sitting on the floor, looking up at him. I remember that detail. “I’m not sure you should be

Things you learn when you say “I’m scared, but yes”

It’s like any Spirit-inspired thing that you resist until you can’t anymore. It’s what happens, every time, when you first

How to parent well when no one’s watching

My teeth on the impossibly slippery yogurt tube, I’m tearing it open with the baby on my lap and trying

A time to speak, a time to be silent

It’s not that we’ve never heard these things before. It’s not like we don’t know that when it comes to

Love at fourteen years

Fourteen years, love. Is this what you dreamed our life would look like? How about when we were young(er), when