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How I try to protect God, and how He tells me not to {Lessons from Uganda}

When I met the woman on the plane who said that she runs an NGO in Uganda with a “more

Mission, purpose, meaning: Living a life that matters (at home)

I go back to Uganda every night. I dream of a girl I met in an orphanage. I see the

The hardest day, or, Your life matters

How can I tell you about this trip? How can I tell you about Africa? I could start with Saturday.

I will trust you

I came back to Uganda to find all of its lessons waiting for me. Last year in the red dust

Grasping at need: What can we do?

In Uganda, there is need everywhere. If you grasp at all the situations in front of you, you’ll quickly be

Orphanage Day, or, How God Loves Us

Benjamin never spent time in an orphanage, so maybe I didn’t know. Benja is my son now and I know

Getting Lost in Africa

Do you know what freedom feels like? It feels like stepping so far outside yourself that you forget. It feels

Meet Jane

Meet Jane. She is 18 years old. (Isn’t she beautiful?) “When I realized I was pregnant, I felt my world

When a Mother Leaves {Guest post at Gillian Marchenko}

Today, I am over the Atlantic. I’ll be here for hours, flying through the silent deafening darkness, and when tomorrow

Back to the beginning: Adoption and one-on-one time

The older kids started back to school a couple weeks ago, and just like every year, it’s a new routine