On waiting



Waiting —
ravenous, all-consuming,
you devour my day
with the promise of nothing and everything
with the weight of possibility and
the emptiness of not-yet.

Full stride yet frozen
Caught between yes/no
Maybe/finally —
Its circles ever widening until
This nothingness, the not-yet
Is everything.

I squint and there they are —
children husband home dinner dog lawn leaves dishwasher schedule
But under the weight of waiting
they fade in and out of view,
they my everything —
how can it feel like nothing?

Out of everything,
the weight of nothing strikes like a fist
grinds my face in dust
reminds me —
where I am
where I came from
where I’m going,

God is faithful to remind me:
I am nothing.
He is everything.
And this waiting-for is a vapor,
gathered in his palm
like I am —
if I could just
let go.


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5 comments on “On waiting

  1. Jules says:

    Gathered in his palm
    Let go

    Gorgeous. Resonating.

  2. HopefulLeigh says:

    So powerful, Kim.

    • Thank you — my heart jumped a little when I saw your sweet face! Can’t wait to see it in person in just a few days. xo

  3. A lovely reminder… Thank you.