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What to do when all is loss

Some bad news comes like a punch to the gut. A midnight phone call and you want so badly to

In the reeds: Adoption, parenting and being seen

The morning after we arrived in Kampala a few weeks ago, I looked into my own face several times over.

On waiting

  Waiting — ravenous, all-consuming, you devour my day with the promise of nothing and everything with the weight of

How I try to protect God, and how He tells me not to {Lessons from Uganda}

When I met the woman on the plane who said that she runs an NGO in Uganda with a “more

Mission, purpose, meaning: Living a life that matters (at home)

I go back to Uganda every night. I dream of a girl I met in an orphanage. I see the

The hardest day, or, Your life matters

How can I tell you about this trip? How can I tell you about Africa? I could start with Saturday.