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When your dreams feel too heavy

It was my baby’s laughter that brought me back to myself, finally broke through the sadness. I smiled for the

In which yoga is saving my life

I walk into the room and the heat already holds me in an embrace. Somehow the sounds, busyness, life, quick-walking-to-get-to-the-next-thing

Let me introduce you to MY BOOK!

Hello, I’m nervous. How are you? This book has been on my heart for a year. I’ve been working on

Guest Post at Chasing Silhouettes

Hi friends, My dear friend Emily Wierenga has a book coming out in September called Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help

Staying Focused in a Scattered Season

 I flip from Word back to my browser  to look up the correct spelling of the winery I’m writing about,

Love letter to my body

These days I walk past the mirror and my eyes like magnets are drawn to stomach first, then ass, thighs,

Practices of Imperfection: Bending low, giving grace

Yesterday I was mean mommy all. day . long. The summer non-schedule already wearing on all of us, the older

Writing as declaring freedom, recognizing the infinite

At least part of the beauty of unpaid work is that we choose to do it. In the midst of

{Honestly} Ignorance is Easier

  I’ve realized why even getting started on our second adoption has been so hard: We know too much. *

Because it’s summer (Why I’m wearing out my swimsuit this season)

Swimming’s not my favorite. Swimsuits — I’d just rather not. Water parks? Don’t get me started. But it’s summer, and