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Things they don’t tell you

It was the thought that kept running through my head two nights ago, as I was bleaching the bathtub after

To June, in her splendor and glory

photo by siegertmarc on flickr   Oh month of June, you cheeky thing. You sneak up on me nearly every

Celebrating your trip around the sun (To my son on his 6th birthday)

Dear Owen, It’s your golden birthday today. The boy who was born on 06/06/06 is turning 6 today. Cool, right?

Week of Mutuality: A conversation with God, based on (mutual) respect

Heart pounding, I took a deep breath and tried to exhale out my anxiety. He’s just another college professor, I

Represented (an announcement)

I have some good news. I’m a represented writer. As in, I have a literary agent. YOU GUYS. I can’t