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Practices of Imperfection: I don’t want to have it all

It feels like an itchy sweater, one that’s been sitting at the back of my closet for years. I mostly

She is young, she is old

I’ve probably been writing about this since she was 4, thinking that back then she was such a little lady,

In adoption, our needs or the world’s (or both)?

The first time, honestly, was all about us. When answering the questions about age and special needs for our first

Practices of Imperfection: My garden

My garden is a mess. I Roundup’d the two most weed-ridden beds this spring, thinking I’ll just kill it, kill


Photo source   Today, I’m 33. (I think. Does anyone else constantly forget how old you are? There are too

When Father’s Day is painful

All the tweets, blog posts and Facebook messages about Father’s Day today set me on edge. Usually I can deflect

Light for the next step

Photo source A few months ago when it was clear everything had fallen apart for our Rwanda adoption, I started

Practices of Imperfection (new series)

I participate in the ‘imperfect prose‘ link-up weekly. I devoured The Gifts of Imperfection. I get it: Perfectionism is poison.

To Benjamin on his second birthday

Oh, Benja. I still call you “the baby,” and you’ve learned to mimic me — calling yourself ‘baby’ in photos

Pockets of grief

Source I turn my kindle page, thinking, “just a few more,” even though the baby has already passed out in