Preventing Adoption: Post at Provoketive

Today I’m guest posting at Provoketive, an online magazine dedicated to asking thought-provoking questions in a respectful environment. The topic is one of my passions: Preventing adoption.

Are your eyebrows raised?

Here’s a teaser:

We sat on damp sofa cushions in the mud and straw shack, a one-room dwelling that Teddy was clearly proud of. I’m not sure how many children and babies she’s helped since becoming local chairperson of her district, which is a slum in Kampala, Uganda — but our son was one of them. I removed my shoes before entering.

We had just visited another shack after navigating the twisting maze of the slum — the place where our son had spent the first six months of his life.

Teddy began telling Benjamin’s mother’s story in her soft-spoken, lilting Luganda. Our driver and friend interpreted. His mother had been just 19 years old. “These women, they do not have money to go to the clinic, so they go to a neighborhood place to deliver, or some of them stay home,” Teddy said. “But if something goes wrong, they cannot be saved.”

I blinked and swallowed, looking up at the dark ceiling as I held her son, now my son, in my lap. He was starting to get hungry.

It was my first deeply personal taste of injustice, and it hasn’t left me since. Any adoption involves such staggering, fundamental loss.

And because I’m Benjamin’s mother now, that loss is part of me, too.

Read the rest and join the conversation at Provoketive: Preventing Adoption.

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