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Preventing Adoption: Post at Provoketive

Today I’m guest posting at Provoketive, an online magazine dedicated to asking thought-provoking questions in a respectful environment. The topic

It can all feel like a game and maybe I don’t wanna play

My writers’ conference messed me up. (I mean, it was amazing. Good feedback, great insights into the industry, and permission

Love thyself: Speaking truth to darkness

You’ve been here before. The familiar weight, the heavy thing that’s bearing down. You don’t want to name it, give

The Wishing and the Roots of Depression

We had a change of routine this week, just a slightly different schedule (mainly, no childcare) and I’m pretty sure

When you feel like a parenting failure

My 5-year-old son’s piano teacher broke up with us last week. If your first thought is “why in the world

Leaving Church, Finding Faith: Guest Post on Rachel Held Evans’ blog

You guys. I am so stoked to be guest posting today over at Rachel Held Evans’ awesome blog. In fact,

Christian Alliance for Orphans – Summit 8

Christian Alliance for Orphans‘ annual conference, this year called Summit 8, is coming up in just a few weeks. And

After a Failed Adoption: Why We’re Taking a Step Back

It’s been a few weeks since we said goodbye to Rwanda. But even a week later, 10 days later, when

Love vs. Logistics: Coming Home

When I was gone for six days at Mount Hermon, I did my best to pay attention. To everything. Not

Adoption is Everywhere: 2 Themes From Mount Hermon

I’ve only been home three days, but already Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference feels like a dream. All the workshops,