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I’m so honored to be featured today in Christian Alliance for Orphans‘ “Heart for Orphans” blog series. This organization has a wonderfully balanced approach, providing resources not just for adoption, but for foster care, global orphan care and advocacy. They host an annual Summit to inspire and equip the church for adoption, foster care and global orphan care, and they also sponsor Orphan Sunday, an annual event where churches can ask their congregations what they’re doing to “defend the cause of the orphan.”

My post is called “Relief From Ease.” Here’s an excerpt:

Once you’re in a child’s life and you try to make them your very own, you come up against some pretty heavy stuff. Heavy stuff in your child’s past, losses and pain and mistrust and brokenness, but I found — heavy stuff in me, too. While we were in Uganda, my son was grieving but it was me who had difficulty attaching. And actually, I was grieving, too. I had trouble letting go of my tidy little life as a family of four, of predictability, of being able to close my eyes and not see Africa, orphans, AIDS or need. On the flight over, at the very start of what was my very first trip to Africa, in the middle of watching a movie, I had a completely overwhelming urge to run.

Fast. Far, far away from what I was about to do. The fear was nothing I’d ever felt before. For a few moments, I seriously considered bursting into the cockpit and demanding to turn around. I’m not kidding. I wanted out.

But. We were in it, and we were already on the way, and we had a son who needed a family, and we were it for him. After the fear subsided and I could breathe again, I remembered him. Waiting for us. How could I back out on him now?

Read the rest at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Blog.

Heart For Orphans

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