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Grieving in community

My last post was written in the midst of coming to terms with the end of our adoption. It was

Facing a closed door

This is the post I wrote a week ago and couldn’t publish until I knew that I knew it was

To my 8-year-old on her birthday

Dear Audrey, You’re the one who started all of this for me, this mothering, this new identity that sometimes seems

Now is now

It’s all been too much lately. Deadlines, a slumber party tomorrow for our sweet oldest (8!!) a trip coming, school

The tyranny of my heart (on surrendering hopes and dreams)

You might know by now that if I’m quiet for a few days, it’s because I’m getting up the nerve

Guest post at Christian Alliance for Orphans

I’m so honored to be featured today in Christian Alliance for Orphans‘ “Heart for Orphans” blog series. This organization has

Home, 1 year later

Nearly one year ago on March 17, it was finally the day. Baby brother was coming home, and he was

{Honestly} guest post: The pain of failed adoption

by Erin Carson Adoption, to me, was supposed to be a magical thing. Ever since I was a little girl

The Ebb and Flow: Depression and Community

When I post the deepest parts of my heart, about depression, about desperation, my heart pounds as I hit “Publish.”

Five minute Friday: Empty

A new blog friend wrote a beautiful post yesterday on communion and depression. In it, she said, But Depression doesn’t