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For the days it comes crashing down

Linking this post today with Momalog as one of my favorite posts. It was written in a moment of vulnerability,

The Sisterhood of Mothering: Finding Joy

When I wrote my last post, I knew it was risky. I knew that asking for advice and opinions on

When motherhood feels like misery

It’s been hard lately. After the rush of the morning, the reminders that spiral into yelling-after-the-fifth-time-I-told-you-to-find-your-boots, the frenzied drive to

{Honestly} guest post: The wait

Guest post by Allie Brannon on one of the hardest phases of adoption: The long wait. Heavy. I was unprepared

Family Day

I had to look back on the calendar to remember, since it felt like it took days for that flight

Weaving the darkness in

I talk a lot here about how we don’t need to fear our brokenness. How the need for honesty is

{Honestly} guest post: Reactive attachment disorder

Today’s {Honestly} guest post delves into a topic that’s not easy to talk about: reactive attachment disorder. Many people want

Trust {Five-minute Friday}

After my dad died, stolen away, a sudden ghost that left me empty, I couldn’t trust God anymore. Why now?

{Honestly} guest post: The red dirt of Uganda and longing for home

A guest post by Chasity Cole Rose-colored Glasses Life is not always easy; in fact life is rarely easy. When

To my brightly burning gift, at five and a half

Dear Owen, I can only imagine the twinkle God had in his eye when he thought up you. He was