Five Minute Friday: Roar


Here’s why the five minutes of free writing, no editing, no going back is so hard for me:

My words don’t come out pretty.

Some women I follow? Their blog posts tumble out poetry. Their words sing with unexpected beauty and bring me to tears and it all seems so effortless. I think it can’t just be me who gets words down, rough, on a page, half-hating them, but willing them out anyway — and then I go back and sometimes I really say the words to myself, “now, make it pretty.”

I know I’m not the only one. But I also know that some people’s art does come easy.

I took photography in college and I LOVED it. Loved capturing the images, loved working in the darkroom, all of it. I learned all I could and practiced and studied and spent more time in the darkroom than anyone else in the class, and my images were good, but they didn’t sing. I was just learning, after all. But others in the class just HAD it. Needed to ask me questions about chemicals and process in that cave of a room, but their images took my breath away.

I have to fight for my art. I sometimes claw at it, give it my all, and it still looks pretty rough. Maybe one day the words will come easy, but for now, I’ll roar anyway. I’ll roar, the words will find life, and then I’ll breathe poetry into them later.


Come and see the other five-minute works of art at The Gypsy Mama today.

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4 comments on “Five Minute Friday: Roar

  1. Sylvia R says:

    I’m so with you! i go to writers’ conferences where I hear repeated, “There are no good writers. Only good RE-writers.” Emphasized and re-emphasized (almost to a roar!) Then I come to Five-Minute Friday, and naturally balk. Today I finally took the challenge, but allowed myself the freedom not to post, just to write. And then, right at 2.5 minutes, interruption came! I don’t know if I’ll post or not, because I stopped the clock,then restarted it and tried to keep my mind on course — and I can’t say I didn’t fudge a little — but the exercise certainly is interesting, and worthwhile. I’ll at least do it again.
    BTW, see what help your five minutes was to me?? Thank you for taking the challenge all the way to posting! God bless.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Sylvia — and please, do post! I think everyone who does this exercise has to take a deep breath before hitting “publish.” And I’ve fudged a little in previous posts, too… it’s not about doing it perfectly, it’s about what you learn. And, it’s possible that someone else will be able to learn from you, too! 😉

  2. i ALWAYS gulp after hitting publish for these prompts. I haven’t “given birth” to my thoughts fully when I hit send. And sure, later there are words that come to mind that describe it better, posts that generate little feedback making me feel as though I’ve thought wrong, or did not land on anyone’s heart. But then, I realize this exercise is for me. It may not come out just right. In dwelling when failure is an option is down right what I need. For I don’t need to have the best voice, but I need to have MY voice. And I will lift it, and give rise to the thoughts that come in those five minutes. {hope you don’t feel alone in this!!}

  3. Jules says:

    Ah, if this is what you think breaths with out poetry, I’m not sure I can handle your poetry. Your words sing, my friend, sing – always. They are pretty, raw or refined.