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Heart of darkness

It’s been so dark lately. For me, the darkness was growing before the black as night, shatter-my-heart-for-days news on Friday.

Borrowed words

I am all out of words lately. I write post drafts and I can’t bring myself to publish them. I

Missing Jesus

Our story of leaving church is long and it still makes me feel lonely. Lonely because no one talks about

Fear, Inadequacy and True Strength, or, How I’m Not Cut Out For Adoption

It’s the three hundredth time he’s hit his brother today, or pulled his sister’s hair, and I repeat again that

The Giant Leaf Pile Under the Swing, or, What My Kids Taught Me About God’s Character

During Benjamin’s nap last weekend, I had let my kids have some screen time, which they typically use to watch

What To Do With an Extra Hour

The moon is low and orangey-gold in the sky lately, pulling us in and asking us to just linger awhile,

What to do when all is loss

Some bad news comes like a punch to the gut. A midnight phone call and you want so badly to

In the reeds: Adoption, parenting and being seen

The morning after we arrived in Kampala a few weeks ago, I looked into my own face several times over.

On waiting

  Waiting — ravenous, all-consuming, you devour my day with the promise of nothing and everything with the weight of