Five minute Friday: Color


I go outside, camera in hand, mind fresh from an online tutorial about how to shoot when the little dial is set at the intimidating “M.”

I try the long fence, all gray and white, against the gray of the sky and the white of the snow and the tan of the branches, one long story of pale, muted glory.

I turn and look up, craning my neck, clicking the dial to different settings, eating the feedback my display gives me when it’s shocking white with overexposure, brown shadowy with not enough light, shaky with skewed settings. I get a few shots of the bare branches, reaching up to the heavens in hope of some warmth or light to warm them, but don’t really feel the connectedness I want.

Then I spot it, in the mess under the spruce I’ve thought of chopping down with my bare hands, the spot of landscaping that were missed by my gloves and hedge clippers this fall when everything was trimmed to the earth. A beautiful crinkling of brown leaf, shriveled and dormant in the cold, and the shocking red of the choke cherry’s armor, standing out and singing loud in winter’s muted tones.

Don’t forget, I’m here, it sings. I have something to say. The cold has come and the winter may have settled in for its long nap, but will you just look at me.


Linking up with Five-minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama today. Join me there for more five minute explorations of color.

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4 comments on “Five minute Friday: Color

  1. ells says:

    >hi neighbor…I love this…the pictures are great…and they tell the story…

  2. Patty Ann says:

    >Oh, I do love this one. I love your picture and the story that goes with it!! Nice capture.

  3. devotedtoquilting says:

    >Lovely. Love the pictures and that pop of color at the end, great effect for your story. Thanks for sharing. ~Nita

  4. Stacey says:

    Oh I love the pics and your words.

    And the "m" isn't that intimidating, now is it?