all over myself this week
being admonished
pushed down
and my vision starts to warp and fade.
The cold wall of resistance
rises up insurmountable
and my fragile courage
all but disappears,
Fear and Doubt
each giving their gut-punches in turn.

I grope in the dark for you
but you’re nowhere, a
I’m drowning, afraid
to stop trying
so I gasp, then hold my breath
reaching again and again
in muddled hope
until something solid appears out of the depths.

Beautiful, shimmering truth
like a beacon
suddenly blinds me
and knocks me sideways
and I am propelled up and out and
my knees buckle
as my feet hit sure ground.
Squinting, I see
the familiar forms of Grace and Love
standing there, smiling in a way
that says they’d been there the whole time
if I had just opened my eyes.

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One comment on “fear/love

  1. Nancy says:

    >Grace and live can overcome much. Lovely job.